Surprise! New Smash Bros DLC Features Mario Maker


Does anyone else really miss Nintendo Directs? I sure do. Without the traditional cheerful dumping ground of information every few months, Nintendo’s getting a bit sneaky with the new content. As of today, some new Smash Bros DLC has made its way into the eShop for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Its star? None other than Super Mario Maker.

A brand new stage is now available featuring Super Mario Maker, and it’s really cool-looking. The stage features a random configuration of platforms, pipes, bricks, and more based on the options from Super Mario Maker, with a big hand that’s constantly changing the stage as you fight. It can be purchased for $2.49 USD for the Wii U or 3DS, or for $3.49 you can get it on both systems. Check out the release trailer:

This isn’t the only new stage, though. Though it’s been given less buzz, Tetra’s pirate ship from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is also available now. Pirate Ship is only available for Wii U, but is a tad cheaper: only $1.99 USD.

We’ve also been given the option of a new round of Mii Fighter costumes including a business suit, a Toad Hat and Toad Outfit combo, a Viridi Wig and Viridi Outfit from Kid Icarus, Hunter’s and Rathalos’ Helm/Mail combos from Monster Hunter 4, and Fox/Captain Falcon outfits to go with your hats if you just want to dress as the characters, not play as them.

Each outfit/hat combo is available for $.75 USD apiece per system, or $1.15 to receive them on both systems. The entire bundle of costumes is available for $5.25 on one system or $8.05 on both. There is also an option to purchase the entire DLC pack: costumes and stages for $7.74 on the 3DS (it does not include Pirate Ship), $9.73 on the Wii U, or $13.53 on both systems.

If you’re still Smashing and looking for some stage variety, or interested in returning to the game or purchasing it for the first time, this little DLC pack will keep things hopping for a little while longer…at least, until we find out if the votes we placed in the Character Ballot were worth any new characters down the line…

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