Let’s All Guess What The New Mass Effect Ride Could Be


A new ride adapted from Mass Effect will be arriving at California’s Great America in Santa Clara. I will let Bioware take it from here with the explanation of their new theme park attraction.

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"The interactive ride, curated by a live performer, will take guests on a journey to a distant planet, where they will face off against larger-than-life foes and fight to save the day. Using cutting-edge 3D technology and 4D effects, the ride throws passengers right into the action, creating a fantastical adventure that they won’t soon forget."

So, where in the Mass Effect universe could this event take place? How could this ride go? Lets all sit down in our thinking chair and think.

  • The new Mass Effect game is taking place in the Andromeda Galaxy. What if the ride takes you to this galaxy, but the live performer is Kevin Sorbo playing the captain. Now you are not only in Mass Effect, but also in a pretty bad Star Trek continuation.
  • You are searching through rubble among the planets to find relics of the Reaper Wars. You unearth an artifact that shoots into the sky. One of your crew gets speared by the artifact. Now you realize your crew is surrounded by transformed humans on these stakes. Fight your way out and to the line in a brand new 3D laser tag adventure!
  • Make your choice and choose your partner upon arriving at the ride. Roll with one of three options. Soldiers of different stripes. They lead you through the ride of your life as you battle through the new Krogan Wars as they fight to end the new research into quelling their population. By the end of the ride, your partner falls in love with you because you had a couple side conversations and as you sit by their side you can choose to ignite a weirdly psychadelic “adult” scenario.
  • Robot Beyonce is the live performer and she takes you on her intergalactic tour and you are tasked with the war against her most ardent supporters. Stop the Bey Hive from suffocating Robo-Beyonce with their love. It is a fight to the finish. Can you stop the Bey Hive? Can anyone?

Let us know your ideas for this ride below.

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