An Animal Crossing Wii U Would Need These 8 Things

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A True Hub City

Animal Crossing: City Folk had a city you could travel to with shops and other features. What if that was brought back, only Splatoon’s Inkopolis-style: an online hub city with shops where you can share your clothing designs online, put up items for sale for others to buy, invite others to our towns, and share messages with pals and strangers alike.

This one sounds like a stretch, but perhaps not so much. You may remember Animal Crossing Plaza, an active version of the AC Miiverse community that, while cool, unfortunately had no connectivity to any then-available titles, and was recently closed.

As much as I love my town with my happy animals, the next step is to open the doors for sharing these experiences with others around the world. Such a hub city would allow this type of communication in a controlled way, connecting Animal Crossing towns across the world in the spirit of sharing and friendship that Nintendo’s become famous for.

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