If you've watched pretty much anything to do with NFL foo..."/> If you've watched pretty much anything to do with NFL foo..."/>

DraftKings Now Includes Fantasy eSports Category


If you’ve watched pretty much anything to do with NFL football this early season, you likely have seen or heard about DraftKings. They are a fantasy sports service company that brings big payouts to top-performing players, and they’re about to extend their reach beyond athletic sports. DraftKings has announced that they will be branching into eSports, and will include some of the top venues and sports in the field.

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The company will be covering tournaments in some of the long-term games that have proven the test of time (or some that they find will be viable in the future). DraftKings will start out with team-based titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite and Counter-Strike, while also offering fantasy picks for StarCraft II, Hearthstone and Street Fighter. That’s right, even the FGC will get involved with this.

DraftKings isn’t that old, itself; it was founded just 3 years ago. Yet, they’ve gone from partnering with major sports associations to expanding towards eSports and video gaming in general. It’s a big risk to go to a field they might not know as much about as football or baseball, but it shows the viability and growth that the medium of eSports has shown over the past few years.

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