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Life Is Strange Wraps Up With Episode 5 In October


It’s been a hot minute since the last episode of Life Is Strange was released, debuting on July 28. If the extended length of the episode is of any indication (hopefully the action would be a lot tighter, in this case), it’s that players are in for an epic finale. Recently, the Life is Strange Twitter account confirmed to the world that Episode 5, “Polarized,” will aim for an October 20th.

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Note that this isn’t the 100% confirmed release date for Life is Strange, as indicated on its Square Enix blog. The announcement was made to celebrate protagonist Max Caulfield’s birthday, indicating just how into this project the developmental team at Dontnod are. It’s also another piece of evidence that the 6-8 week episodic release window schedule has been thrown out the…well, window, in order to obtain their vision for where the story goes in all of its multitude of possibilities.

Frankly, I find it refreshing that the team has been so forward in its development cycle. They only have one series going for them, but you can see in the subtle gameplay differences how it pays off, depending on how Max and Chloe interact with other Life Is Strange characters throughout the series. Being friendly or antagonizing to different characters has even resulted in different facial reactions, showcasing the dev team’s attention to detail that didn’t even need to be done. With a cliffhanger of a penultimate episode leading into the finale, the hope is that Dontnod delivers on what has been a fascinating series so far.

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