It's difficult to rush creativity, especially harsh to be..."/> It's difficult to rush creativity, especially harsh to be..."/>

The Witness Finally Reveals Its Marvelous World In January


It’s difficult to rush creativity, especially harsh to bemoan a creator for taking years to develop their next project, but The Witness has been a long time coming for Jonathan Blow and Thekla Inc. Originally announced in August 2009, it will be close to six and a half years between initial reveal and release into the public. Jonathan Blow himself announced on the PlayStation Blog that The Witness will launch on January 26, 2016 for the PS4. It will be a timed exclusive, while the PC version is expected to launch on the same date.

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To reignite the flames of imagination surrounding The Witness, Thekla and Sony have released a new trailer (seen above), showing off just how wonderfully enigmatic an abandoned island can be. What separates itself from the so-called “Walking Simulator” derogatory indicator is that the island is inhabited with puzzles, often impeding your path. The trailer suggests lighting beacons and aiming them towards a spire at the middle of the island, most likely being the main hub of activity.

As long as the puzzles are at least moderately difficult, just trailer footage of The Witness inspires a wonderful experience. The colorization, the peaceful environment, the mood-appropriate soundtrack; everything looks so immaculately put together. I guess that’s what happens when you’re Jonathan Blow and masterfully craft games for years upon years! We’ll have to see if the follow up to Braid will be worth the wait early next year.

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