Persona 5 Delayed To 2016, Gets Shiny New Trailer


In spite of what the Atlus website formerly forecast, it was never very likely we’d see Persona 5 this year. A new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show narrows the window for the eagerly-awaited title, bringing it to Summer 2016, for PS3 and PS4:

This time, it’s not all anime cutscenes and we get to see a slice of gameplay, too. The visuals look stunning (especially the downtown scene!), and there’s hints of some pretty quirky gameplay in there too. One section of the trailer features the party jumping into a painting and running from one painting to another; another is everyone as…hamsters. We also get a glimpse at combat and some in-game menus, all heavily-stylized in true Persona form. Gameplay appears very fluid and the contrast between the grey, rainy streets and the neon-colorful action of battle is striking.

Delays are frustrating, but for a series with some cred behind it, such delays usually only serve to make the game more solid and polished. Still, it will be almost a year before we find out if Persona 5 was worth the wait, and we’re not even sure if that’s a worldwide release or a regional one. Hopefully patience will be well-rewarded.

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