“Was Basil Brush Busy?” Rockstar Games Aren’t Happy With The BBC


Rockstar Games have acted angrily to the new Gamechangers BBC drama which was unveiled in the UK last night, featuring the likes of Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton.

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The feature length presentation centers around Sam Houser, the British co-founder of Rockstar Media, in his battle against laywer Jack Thompson and his bid to convince the world that the Grand Theft Auto series is influencing real-world violence.

Here’s where the drama begins to boil over – Rockstar Games had nothing to do with it. After originally suing the BBC over the matter back in May, Rockstar Games wasted little time in conveying their feelings after the program had aired on BBC Two in the UK last night.

It wasn’t just Rockstar who made their feelings heard, as a number of ex-employees who had previously worked on the series were also highly critical, including original Grand Theft Auto prototype designer Mike Dailly.

The Gamechangers is currently available for UK viewers via the BBC’s iPlayer service. If you’ve watched it, let us know your thoughts in the comments box.

You can watch the trailer below.

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