FNAF World Is A Five Nights At Freddy’s RPG


We all knew there was no way Five Nights at Freddy’s was done. FNAF 4 debuted back in July and created a lot of buzz amongst its fans as they tried to discern whether the story is really over or not. Developer Scott Cawthon revels in slipping secrets and hidden meanings into his games, but even with all the analysis in the world, no one was able to predict his next creation: FNAF World.

In a post on Steam, Cawthon announced that not only will there be no FNAF 5 (the FNAF story is complete, he says), but that his newest project is a non-scary RPG. In FNAF World, you build a party made up of characters from the FNAF series, and go on some sort of adventure. It will include the classic, withered, toy, phantom, and nightmare versions of each character. Cawthon says that a free demo of the game will be available soon, though not in time for Halloween, as originally planned. His already-promised FNAF 4 Halloween update will appear as scheduled.

From the posting:

"That being said, I wanted to use these characters in a new and fun way because they are so near and dear to my heart, and I was excited to work on a type of game that I hadn’t made in a long time.The new game that I’m working on will be called FNAF World. It will not be a horror game, but a role playing game where you create a party using the huge selection of characters from the FNaF games, including the classic, withered, toy, phantom, and nightmare versions. I’ve been working steadily on characters and hope to start on enemy models next week."

FNAF World will be released for PC, Android, and iOS. It will be interesting to see the quality and type of game Cawthon produces as he ventures into this new genre. Though certainly not a stranger to creating other types of games, his work before FNAF on Steam Greenlight was largely ignored or criticized. It might be tough to integrate the bizarre, animatronic cast into a more light-hearted, adventure setting, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done well. Best of luck to Cawthon–we’re eager to see what you’re creating.

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