SCEJA 2015: Gravity Rush 2 Confirmed, Original Comes To PS4


Gravity Rush (known as Gravity Daze in Japan), a beautiful action-adventure game with unique, high-flying gameplay, has suffered for being stuck on the PS Vita. Kat’s journey to protect those around her from gravity storms using her unique ability to control gravity received positive reviews, but due to the Vita’s general lack of popularity, has not received the limelight it deserved. Fortunately, this will all change in the coming months as Gravity Rush receives both a PS4 sequel, Gravity Rush 2, and a release of the original on the PS4 as well.

Check out the Gravity Rush 2 trailer; it looks gorgeous:

Gravity Rush 2 is slated for sometime in 2016 on PS4 only (which leaves the question open as to how they’ll handle the gyroscopic controls), but for those with PS4s who can’t wait that long to flip the world upside down, the original Gravity Rush will be arriving on PS4 on December 10th of this year. A collector’s edition of the original will also be available for pre-order that includes a figurine of Kat, the main character:

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