SCEJA 2015: Danganropa V3 Announced For PS4, Vita


The mono bears are back. At SCEJA 2015, Spike Chunsoft announced Danganropa V3–the next entry in the bizarre Danganropa series of visual novel adventure games featuring creepy teddy bears playing killing games with unwitting high school students. It’s not immediately obvious what sort of scenario this Danganropa will revolve around, but a class trial with lots of bears looks to be at the center of it. Here’s the trailer:

Spike Chunsoft seemed a bit uncertain as to whether the title on the game was final or not, and when the release date would be. An actual date has not yet been announced, though it may be soon, as there seemed to be an expectation that he would announce it (the presentation was a bit awkward). Danganropa V3 will be released for the PS Vita and PS4 when that time comes.

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