Pokemon Z Anime Reveal May Hint At Game Series


Scans from the latest issue of CoroCoro have surfaced, revealing intriguing details about the future of the Pokemon anime series that may be relevant to the video games, as well. Speculation is rampant about the next main series title, as 2016 will be Pokemon’s 20th anniversary year and already the Pokemon Company is pulling out the stops with games like Pokken Tournament and Pokemon Go. The CoroCoro scans indicate that the next main series title may be Pokemon Z.

You can see the scan for yourself here.

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Serebii has translated the scans, which prominently feature the legendary Pokemon Zygarde. The “Z” to Xerneas and Yvetal in Pokemon X and Y, the scans show that Zygarde will be receiving several new forms, including a dog-like form at 10% power, a blob called Zygarde Core, and Zygarde Perfect Form at 100%. Normal Zygarde that we know of is apparently the “50%” form. There are also photos of Greninja…dressed up like Ash, for some reason.

Zygarde will be featured in the new Pokemon anime series, entitled Pokemon XY & Z, which will begin October 29th. Pokemon Z has long been speculated as the next main series title since trainers discovered Zygarde. With Pokemon’s history of follow-up games such as Crystal, Platinum, Emerald, and so on, a Pokemon Z just…makes sense. There’s no confirmation yet that this will be the new game, but given that the anime usually follows the games, it makes the most logical sense.

Don’t hold out on us, Pokemon and Game Freak! Hopefully we hear official news on the games very, very soon.

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