NBA 2K16 Adds 12 New Classic Teams

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2012-2013 Miami Heat

Not many people liked Lebron James back in these days. He had just spurned the hometown team a year before. He was quoted in an unflattering way after the loss to the Mavericks in 2011. He had missed out winning the MVP the year before despite playing great. Needless to say, Lebron James was not well liked. This Heat team, though? It was damn good. Chris Bosh ascended to another level defensively providing the backbone of the defense and even began adding a three-point stroke to his game. Dwyane Wade battled injuries, but when he was there was still a dominant SG. Lebron James was… Kevin Durant shot 55% on him in the Finals, but could not even put up enough shots for his efficiency to matter. He was that good. This team was that good.

Those are you 12 NBA Classic Teams. Which one of these teams is your favorite?

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