All Super Mario Maker Content Now Available Day One


Nintendo listened! One of the biggest complaints about Nintendo’s newest title, Super Mario Maker, was the gated content unlocks over the course of the first nine days of ownership, after five minutes in the level creator each day. Being forced to play the game for nine days before all the tools became available was one of the very few things, if not the only thing, that kept Super Mario Maker from otherwise-perfect reviews, including ours. Fortunately, Nintendo heard the complaints and has solved the problem with a Day 1 patch.

Prior to the update, the unlock schedule looked like this:

Now, Siliconera reports that version 1.0.1 (a Day 1 patch) has been applied to Super Mario Maker that allows players to either follow the nine-day method as before, or gradually unlock new items by creating a level using each of the most recently-added items, and lots of blocks. After enough items and blocks are placed, a message appears notifying the player that a shipment has arrived early. The shipment will contain the next “day”‘s content. Continue making new levels in this way with each new set of tools, and all the content can be unlocked Day 1.

Be sure to follow the prompt to download updates when loading up Super Mario Maker–if your title screen doesn’t say 1.0.1, you’re still missing the patch.

Kudos to Nintendo for listening to the players and pushing a near-perfect game to perfection. Super Mario Maker releases today for Nintendo Wii U.

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