Pokemon Go Brings Your Pokemon Adventure To Reality


Though not necessarily strangers to mobile gaming, The Pokemon Company unveiled an unexpected addition to the franchise today in the form of Pokemon Go: a mobile game that allows you to catch, trade, and battle Pokemon in the “real world”. They’ve partnered with  Niantic to offer what seems to be (but is not yet confirmed as) an augmented-reality style game, similar to Ingress. Check out the trailer (lovingly dedicated to Satoru Iwata):

Pokemon Go will pair with a watch-type accessory called the Pokemon Go Plus, which rumbles and flashes when a Pokemon is nearby, alerting you to the presence of Pikachu as you stroll around the block. The watch is not necessary to play the game, but does make the experience smoother, and can enable you to more easily identify other trainers out in the world. It can also be clipped onto a pocket instead of worn around the wrist.

Shigeru Miyamoto stated that the game reminds him of Pokemon Snap, and Junichi Matsuda indicated that Pokemon Go may, in the future, pair somehow with main series Pokemon games. If you watch the trailer, only the original 151 Pokemon are shown. Though more Pokemon than that could certainly be a part of the game, beginning with only the originals might be a draw for many.

The game has been in development for a long time, and is slated for 2016 for both iPhone and Android. No price has yet been set, but it will be “free-to-start” and include in-app purchases, of course.

Source: Kotaku

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