New Yakuza Game Announcement Announced


A new header was added today to the official Japanese website for the Yakuza games, and it looks like this:

Gematsu points out that the button’s file name is “button-new_title.jpg”, so it looks like we’ll be getting a new Yakuza game on September 15th. It’s almost certain to be announced at the SCEJA Press Conference, which takes place that day at an unholy hour for North America. If you really want to watch it, you’ll have to be up at 3AM EDT. It could be worth it, though, as Sony and others typically announce loads of PlayStation games. The PS Vita 2000 was also announced at this event.

The Yakuza games are action-adventure titles that have been largely successful in Japan and North America, mostly on the PlayStation. Yakuza 5, the most recent main title, was released in 2012 in Japan to excellent reviews, and is slated to show up everywhere else sometime this fall via PSN.

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