As mentioned first before the game launched, The Witcher 3 <..."/> As mentioned first before the game launched, The Witcher 3 <..."/>

Witcher 3 Expansion, Hearts of Stone, Launches In October


As mentioned first before the game launched, The Witcher 3 will enjoy two meaty expansions; one during Fall 2015 and the other in early 2016. Today, CD Projekt RED announces, via press release, that the first expansion, Hearts of Stone, will be released on October 13, 2015. They have released a teaser trailer, hinting at some of the shenanigans in store for Geralt and company.

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One of the new mechanics coming to The Witcher 3 in this expansion is the utilization of “Runewords.” These additions will alter how specific in-game mechanics function, providing alternate strategies and tactics for combat. No word yet on just exactly what they look like, or how they perform, so hopefully we’ll receive word in a showcase video closer to the expansion’s launch.

Those Runewords might come handy for Geralt of Rivia, who’s tasked to defeat Olgierd von Everec in this expansion, a ruthless bandit captain who is essentially immortal. How you defeat him is up to you, with the promise of the involvement of break-in artists, a ghost and some of “the most bizzare creatures Geralt has ever faced.”

The Hearts of Stone Witcher 3 expansion will retail for $19.99 at selected retailers worldwide for a limited time. Buying it physically also provides two physical Gwent decks, meaning you can play the addictive card game with your friends and family around the table. Those that have the digital expansion pack will receive their own initiative to buy the cards separately.

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