Pikmin 4 “Very Close To Completion,” Miyamoto Confirms


Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed to Eurogamer yesterday that Pikmin 4 is not only in the works, but is nearly done. It is unknown yet whether this title will appear on the Wii U, or if it will herald the next generation on the NX.

Miyamoto stated, “It’s actually very close to completion. Pikmin teams are always working on the next one.” No further details on the title were given.

Pikmin 3 appeared in 2013 to positive reviews. On the whole, the series has been well-received–with the first two games appearing on the GameCube, followed by a long gap until Pikmin 3 was released on the Wii U. The first two games featured the intrepid Captain Olimar as he collected strange, plant-like creatures called Pikmin, who helped him explore a mysterious world. Three new heroes took charge in Pikmin 3, working together to uncover a mystery left behind by Captain Olimar. All three games are real-time strategy titles where the player must use different colors and strengths of Pikmin as resources to solve various challenges.

Olimar appeared both in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. A Pikmin-themed game also appeared in Nintendo Land, and there are three Pikmin short movies available on the eShop for Wii U or Nintendo 3DS:

Well-known as a unique title both in terms of gameplay and story, Pikmin 4 is sure to be promising whether on the Wii U or the NX. Hopefully we can look forward to more detailed information as we near the holiday season.

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