Jimmy Kimmel And YouTube Gaming Reconciliation!


Jimmy Kimmel made some YouTube Gaming personalities and fans a bit upset not too long ago, when he described the pastime of watching other people play video games as “going to a restaurant and having other people eat your food.”

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All hope was not lost however, Jimmy Kimmel opened the door for a sit down with some YouTube personalities to see what the craze was all about. Enter Youtube personalities Markiplier and MissesMae. They sat Jimmy Kimmel down and showed him some of the different ways they interact and watch other people enjoy video games.

What follows is a bit of sincere explanations from both sides as Jimmy Kimmell confesses his age makes him an outsider to this trend and Markiplier and MissesMae explore what makes them love this pastime so much.

The most important point in the whole video was expressed by Markiplier who said he just “enjoys watching other people be happy.” This is at the end of the day what makes watching any form of entertainment interesting to continue watching.

When you turn that horror movie on and you want to see the reaction of your friends. When you turn on Batman & Robin because your little brothers and sisters have never seen one of the worst movies ever and you watch their jaw drop as they thought you were exaggerating.

Personally, I mainly watch other people play games if I want to see how a game operates, but I have grown a bit attached to watching the teenagers of React get through The Last of Us. There are so many reasons to get into watching other people play, but central to it all is the emotions you get to see flash across another person’s face as they do this thing you enjoy.

It seemed as if Jimmy Kimmel may have gotten some of that  as he watched MissesMae’s parents ride a rollercoaster on her YouTube Gaming site. MissesMae also admitted to taking a joke a bit too seriously when Jimmy explained he was only making light of it because he does host a comedy show.

In the end, I think we can all agree what we have gotten most out of this, besides the usual helping of out of control internet abuse, is that Jimmy Kimmel is really good at riding the walls in Rocket League. He’s already a great example of why watching other people play video games and what YouTube Gaming brings to the table can be so fun.

Happy gaming, Readers!

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