Evolve Is Free This Weekend On Xbox One And PC


Xbox One and PC owners will be able to try out the full version of Evolve for free this weekend, with PC gamers getting a little extra time to sample 2K’s team-based shooter.

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The free weekend will stretch from September 3rd (12:00 AM PDT) – September 7th (10:00 AM PDT) for those on the PC, while Xbox One owners will have to settle for a slightly reduced playtime of September 4th (12:01 AM PDT) – September 6th (11:59 PM PDT).

2K have thrown a few extra bonuses in the mix too, with a new monster (Meteor Goliath) being added on September 3rd, and players who have already bought the game will benefit from the ability to try out Evolve’s lineup of DLC characters for a limited time, with no purchase necessary.

As expected, you’re going to need an Xbox Live Gold subscription if you’re playing on the Xbox One in order to access Evolve’s online multiplayer features.

Although Evolve may not have enjoyed a lasting appeal for the majority of gamers, it’s easy to forget that it was a genuinely great game, albeit for a niche audience. Three months after release, it was revealed that the game had sold over 2.5 million copies, and 2K will be hoping that they can snag a new audience of Xbox and PC owners to add to that ever-growing tally. My advice? Grab some buddies, make sure your headsets are working, and you’ll have a blast with Evolve throughout this Labor Day weekend.

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