Boss Key Productions’ LawBreakers Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer


The trailer above is for the new game, LawBreakers, from Boss Key Productions. It is the studio’s first major title and if the gameplay on it plays as well as it does in this trailer? Whoo! This looks good.

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LawBreakers’ first trailer showcases a couple things: it highlights different character types you can play as in each game and then it also highlights some of their unique abilities and layouts:

The Assassin featuring dual wield knives and a grappling hook of sorts.

The Gunner featuring all manner of guns and apparently eyes in the back of the head in order to shoot people who are behind you!

The Skirmisher equipped with a wingsuit and a quickstrike capability that includes a scoping mechanic.

Last, but not least, The Titan featuring a giant of a man, no word on if gender can be swapped by character or not, and a significantly more heavy gun type loadout. Also, he seems to lunge forward and powerslam on top of people. Then he also ejects some kind of electronic pulse from his body!

With all that is shown about LawBreakers above, does it have your interest? Which character appeals to you? I like the Assassin the best myself.

LawBreakers arrives on PC in 2016.

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