Regular New Nintendo 3DS Brings Cuteness To North America


When the New Nintendo 3DS debuted worldwide, North Americans lamented. Our only options for the shiny handheld were of the expensive XL variety, and unless we were snappy on the pre-orders, we were stuck with basic red or basic black. Meanwhile, we sadly watched Europe and Japan decorate their regular-sized New 3DSes with some really adorable faceplates.

Lament no more! Nintendo announced via Tweet today that, as part of a special bundle with Happy Home Designer, the regular 3DS will appear in North America at last. This particular rendition comes with two cover plates, both Animal Crossing-themed:

The bundle comes pre-loaded with Happy Home Designer and includes an amiibo card, Polygon reports. It will cost $219.99.

Presumably this 3DS will be the same as the ones in Europe and Japan, so if there’s a cover plate you want that they haven’t brought this far west, imports may be possible. Hopefully though, that won’t be necessary, and they’ll bring all the customizable goodness our way without the extra shipping.

Furthermore, Nintendo also teased another version of the New 3DS XL–this time, a “Hyrule Edition”. This version will be released on October 30th to celebrate The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes (which is slated for release a week prior). It will cost $199.99, and likely does not include the game or any other extras. Interestingly enough, it’s the same price as the regular red and black ones were at release.

Hopefully, this decision won’t be a total flop on Nintendo’s part, since its likely that many in North America snatched up the XLs with the assumption that Nintendo would not be bringing the smaller, customizable version, as they themselves indicated. Maybe some fancy trade-in deals will help those of us who weren’t as keen on the plain-styled XLs get our hands on the smaller versions?

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