HD Remakes Bottom Out With Deadpool For Next Gen Systems


I think it’s been a fair argument that HD remakes in general are unnecessary (especially for games that haven’t even been out a few years). It’s even fair to say that a lot of them are just cheap cash grabs. No game is more fitting of both these arguments than Deadpool, which IGN reports has been announced to be the latest game getting a remaster for PS4 & Xbox One.

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Deadpool the videogame was a fairly funny game, but extremely mediocre when it came down to actual gameplay. This is obviously a very desperate attempt by Activision to squeeze a few more dollars out of this license thanks to the recent rise in Deadpool’s popularity with the new movie starring Ryan Reynolds coming out next year.

This is it people, HD remakes really need to stop now before somebody remakes something downright awful like
or Night Trap (which they already tried to do once). The Deadpool video game remaster hits November 17th for $50, but consider this more of a warning than an announcement. Do not buy this mediocre trash!

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