Guild Wars 2 Will Make Base Game Free To Play


It’s a day for leaks, apparently. In another case of seriously jumping the gun, IGN tweeted today that Guild Wars 2 will be going Free to Play, an announcement they will presumably be making at PAX on Saturday.

Guild Wars 2 is currently buy-to-play, costing $49.99 for the base game plus the Heart of Thorns expansion. The free-to-play will likely cover the base game only, with players able to purchase further expansions. In addition, the tweet indicated that Guild Wars 2 will also introduce raids, fulfilling recent promises by ArenaNet for “challenging group content”.

A full recap of the rumors from this morning is on reddit, with comments indicating that the free-to-play aspect may be limited in other ways such as level caps and character slots, similar to World of Warcraft’s “free” trial (which only goes to level 20).

Regardless, we’re sure to hear more from ArenaNet this weekend on the details. Stay tuned!

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