Konami Set To Shut Down 31 Mobile Games In Japan


It is bittersweet times over at Konami. They’re about to release perhaps their last great title in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, at the expense of ostracizing their most prolific game designer, Hideo Kojima. They promise to continue making console games, yet all their recent output plans for the future involve using their known IPs to sell pachinko slots to gamblers. Now comes news from Dr. Serkan Toto’s blog that Konami is set to shut down 31 mobile games in Japan, meaning even their shift away from AAA gaming has taken an odd turn.

Check out the full list of games Konami is pulling from mobile app stores in Japan below:

  • DanceDanceRevolution S (JP)
  • DanceDanceRevolution S+(JP)
  • Field Prowlers POLICE RUSH! (JP)
  • FroggerPad(JP)
  • SILENT HILL The Escape (JP)
  • Uhi Uhi Cannonball
  • Elemental Monster TD
  • Crayon Physics Deluxe
  • Charlene’s Beachside Solitaire
  • Table Game Selection
  • Knights Of The Phantom Castle
  • Tomena Sanner -TOUCH
  • Neosamegame
  • Hyper Sports Winter
  • Hyper Sports (Track-And-Field)
  • Bomberman TOUCH -The Legend of Mystic Bomb-
  • Bomberman Chains
  • Bomberman Dojo
  • LovePlus iM
  • LovePlus iN
  • LovePlus iR
  • Hanafudakyou
  • Kyoufu No Hyakumonogatari
  • Grappling Action – Moon Dancer
  • World RPS Janken
  • Chikuwa Ninja
  • Mahjong Police
  • Haunted Pics
  • Shooting Watch

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Looking up most of these properties, you’ll find that Konami released the majority of them between 2007 and 2009, meaning that they are old games tailored for old mobile phones and operating systems. However, it does remove the sense of permanency that comes with digital downloads. It was a business decision to pull the plug on these games, as they likely cost more to maintain than they were bringing in 6-8 years after the fact. It just goes to show that while gaming may go an all digital route in the future, it won’t be without its supreme downfalls.

h/t Kotaku

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