NBA 2K16 Shows What #Winning Looks Like


It is the NBA 2K time of year again, ladies and gentleman. The time of year when NBA 2K releases video after video of awe-inspiring features from their new entry in their seminal sports franchise.

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Mouth guards? Check. Photo Bombs? Check. Blake Griffin dunking on some unsuspecting foe? Check. Anthony “Furious Brow” Davis? Check.

NBA 2K16 looks to capture the essence of the NBA utilizing the NBA’s bright young stars at the forefront. Then at the end of the trailer you get a glimpse into the story mode for this year, which is a new approach this time written by Spike Lee.

Think about it, NBA 2K16: A Spike Lee Joint. My mouth is already salivating over this game. NBA 2K15, was one of my favorite entries in the series ever. This one looks like it will be adding even more depth to the overall NBA experience from fan to player that NBA 2K15 did so well.

Hopefully, they can get the soundtrack back up to par as well. Pharrell made an eclectic soundtrack that was a nice playlist, but not something I want to play ball too.

NBA 2K16 releases on September 29, 2015 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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