New Rock Band 4 Songs Include Cake, Arctic Monkeys Jams


Another week, another batch of Rock Band 4 songs to announce. As we approach the October 6th release date, announcements similar to Van Halen’s inclusion of on-disc and future DLC songs will start to drop. This week, the likes of Cake, Arctic Monkey, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Soundgarden are confirmed to be included on the Rock Band 4 disc. You can check out the gameplay video above to hear and see some of the new songs in action.

Below are the full list of songs confirmed to be coming to Rock Band 4 this week, with Youtube links clickable on the song names:

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I really like the mix of songs Rock Band 4 brought to the table with this setlist update. You get a perfect balance of pop, rock, country, punk, synth, contemporary and classic songs over the span of just 10 songs. Just like in Rock Band games past, not all of the songs are from recognized bands. Hell, Tijuana Sweetheart’s “Pistol Whipped” can only be found as a live recording of their last show in 2012. But, as always, the only thing that matters is that they play well.

Rock Band 4 will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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