Grand Theft Auto V Gets Rockstar Editor On PS4, Xbox One


Despite being released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 two years ago, Rockstar continues to make updates to Grand Theft Auto V. The recent one to be announced on the Rockstar Games Newswire, the Rockstar Editor, is now headed for PS4 and Xbox One. Previously, it was exclusive to the PC version of the game, but now it has new features that will be present on all available platforms when it launches for said consoles in September.

Coming to the Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto V are the following:

  • Ambient Audio and Sound Effects Library: When adding in audio effect for videos you make, now ambient and atmospheric sounds, foley and other sound effects can be added to bring that sought-after depth.
  • Snapmatic Integration: Players can now export exact stills to serve as marker points for Snapmatic, opening up the possibilities when crafting the perfect camera angle.
  • Director Mode Updates: The minimap has been increased in size, with location blips for previously-highlighted locations, the option to freeze time to choose your perfect time of day and the ability to spawn air and water vehicles added to Director Mode.
  • Copy and Paste Marker Properties: Has been made easier to copy and paste audio settings from any marker to another marker within a video clip.
  • New Fonts: The amount of fonts possible for title cards and credit rolls has no been tripled.

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This new update for Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 and Xbox One will serve to set up promised new gameplay options for the GTA Online freemode, with details offered up in the coming weeks. Oddly enough, Rockstar is still soliciting feature suggestions and gameplay changes in their news updates, probably in hopes of maintaining a full price on next-gen + PC for as long as possible. Hell, when you’re selling 54 million copies of the same game years after its initial release, keeping the status quo hasn’t hurt 2K Games yet!

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