Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4 Is Out Now


Somehow, defying all odds that came from the precedent of first 3 episodes of Tales From The Borderlands, this series’ penultimate episode has essentially lined up with Game of Thrones. Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4, “Escape Plan Bravo,” is available for download starting today for PC/Mac, PS4 and PS3. To celebrate the accelerated process, Telltale Games has released a launch trailer, depicting the new lengths the narrative has taken our ragtag crew of characters.

Episode summary contains season-long spoilers.

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The second-last episode of the Tales From The Borderlands season sees Rhys and Fiona captured by Vallory, searching for the Vault beacon for her by force. Just like in the second Austin Powers movie, the action is taken to a moon base named Helios. Due to the perils of navigating a trip towards a destination in space, this episode promises difficult choices, moral dilemmas and some wacky adventures. If it’s anything like the rest of the season, I don’t doubt that will be the case once again.

For those playing Tales From The Borderlands on Xbox One and Xbox 360, the newest episode will become available for download starting tomorrow, August 19th. Finally, on August 20th, the newest episode will be released on any compatible iOS and Android-based devices. Hopefully, just like with other games that Telltale Games have developed and published, we will hear news about a physical disk version in the coming months before Episode 5 is released.

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