Paris Games Week: PlayStation Conference Dated


With gamescom 2015’s notable absence from the main stage, Sony will be focusing their attention towards late October during Paris Games Week. A move that will see even more PlayStation announcements before we do it all again 5 weeks later with PlayStation Experience 2015, Eurogamer reports that the PlayStation Media Preview will go live on Tuesday, October 27th at 12 PM EDT.

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It will be the first major public appearance by Sony’s PlayStation department since E3 2015, which ran during the middle of June. Considering that French developer Quantic Dream has been working on something with the PS4 since the day it was announced, one could reasonably expect some game announcements from them. With Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls previously being announced for European PS4 release, perhaps we’ll see a definitive release date then. Hopefully, a David Cage-produced, literally-anyone-else-written PS4 game will also be revealed then. That specific combo could prove to be very interesting.

With the PlayStation Media Event going live so late in October, we’re not likely to get any release dates for the rest of 2015. That’s why the hope is that we don’t get one for No Man’s Sky then, but possibly one for upcoming PS4 projects like Uncharted 4, Wild, Horizon: Zero Dawn and more. With an event like this making a debut, however, anything can happen. Who knows; we might even get to see some Street Fighter 5 tournament play through some sort of beta bonus! Whatever happens, we’ll be here to cover the news as it happens.

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