Rock Band 4 Adds Van Halen Songs To Their Lineup


Whenever people make sweeping requests for Rock Band 4 songs to be added, they usually come in the form of long-standing holdouts; Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc. They’re the kind of requests that are filed under “Yes, We Know, They Just Won’t Let Us” category over all these years. That changes for one of those bands today, as Harmonix has announced that Van Halen songs will be included in Rock Band 4, with “Panama” available on the disk. You can check out the song in action in the trailer above.

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“For years we’ve wanted to bring Van Halen’s music to Rock Band,” Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak insists. “Not only are the songs incredible in their own right, but they’re amazingly fun to play and perform, whether you’re on guitar, bass, drums, or vocals.” When you consider songs like “Hot For Teacher” with its ripping drum solo, “Little Guitars” with its flamenco opening, “Running With The Devil” and its impressive vocals across multiple singers and the overall goofiness of “Jump” (which would have been perfect with keyboards added), there are a lot of fun songs for Harmonix to include in Rock Band 4.

It seems that with remastered versions of Van Halen’s first six albums recently released, the audio quality has improved to the point where Rock Band 4 can utilize their songs for gameplay purposes on disk and in future DLC. Keeping that in mind, whenever you hear of a remaster effort from another prolific rock band of the 70’s and 80’s, keep that in mind when requesting more songs to get added to the 1,500+ song setlist that is set to be available for Rock Band 4 owners on October 6th.

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