In Fallout 4, The Crafting System Is Optional


For those who have been a fan of the open-world action-RPG series since its 3D days, Fallout 4 looks to be the perfect amalgamation of everything you can do in a Fallout game, but way more massive than before. The addition of a crafting system for your own personal fort/tree house/mansion seems like the next logical step in the series, as all that scrap pieces of metal and other collectibles seem wasted when not using them as ammo like in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. For those who want to skip out on that aspect, though, Bethesda promised it is optional when speaking to GamesRadar.

“It’s a completely optional, freeform thing that you can do, if that’s what you want to do,” Bethesda’s Pete Hines explains about the Fallout 4 crafting system. “If you don’t care about that and you just want to play quests and play side quests, and finish the main quest and that sort of thing then you can just ignore all of this [crafting]. Or do as much or as little as you want.

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“There is a benefit to it, but again it doesn’t prevent you from playing through the game. If you don’t want to build any parts for your weapon, you can just use stuff you get off other people or buy stuff from merchants that you find and play through the game”. However, those who play Fallout 4 without those built-up towns might be missing out on the enjoyment of a merchant set up near your humble abode.

Just like in previous Fallout games, Fallout 4 will tend to a lot of different play styles. Personally, I never got into the melee weapons or big explosives. Energy weapons are where it’s at, especially in Fallout 3 with the DLC missions. When Fallout 4 is released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 10th, we’ll get to see for ourselves whether or not crafting is worth the time and effort to master.

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