P.T. Still Has Surprises You Might Not Know About


People are still finding surprises in P.T. a year later the teaser was released.

On Reddit, a user named metatronicsauce posted a screenshot that shows Lisa in the same room as the player in the basement starting area. Warning: it’s creepy.

“After you get trapped in the bathroom and are forced to be possessed on the next loop, get killed by Lisa to get back to the room you start in. If you exit the room backwards, you will see Lisa very briefly before you enter the hallway,” writes metatronicsauce. “You might also sometimes hear her moaning in the basement room, as if you were possessed.”

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Many were speculating online on whether you could actually see Lisa in P.T. Until now, the only known instance when you were able to see Lisa was the jump-scare scene, in which Lisa kills you and you see her mutated, grinning face.

Another user on the Reddit thread posted a video, where unitedplayersclub PS4 encounters Lisa in the same way. (Heads-up for the jump-scare.)

I played P.T. several times and have never encountered Lisa in this form–and here’s hoping it stays that way.

via Kotaku

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