The closer we get to the initial Xbox One launch of Rise of th..."/> The closer we get to the initial Xbox One launch of Rise of th..."/>

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Gameplay Shows An Actual Tomb


The closer we get to the initial Xbox One launch of Rise of the Tomb Raider, the more details we will get about the actual gameplay we’re set to experience. Yes, the snowy, icy mountains have provided a great glimpse at the depths Lara Croft is willing to go on her adventure, but we haven’t yet seen a more harrowing tomb raiding experience. That changes today, as Microsoft has released a full gameplay demo that people in attendance for gamescom 2015 got to check out last week.

This new Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay trailer takes Lara to Syria, where she is searching for an oasis within the canyon range ahead of her. Unfortunately, a military helicopter mows down the vehicle she’s traveling in with bullets, killing only the driver as the car explodes as sends her flying off of a cliff. Battered and bruised, she is then seconds later jumping across a cliff range and uncovering the hidden Prophet’s Tomb.

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Getting into the actual tomb, though, we start to see hints at what Rise of the Tomb Raider’s level design will focus certain aspects of puzzle-solving. The most we got to see what Lara entered a “Detective Mode”-like greyscale focus mode, where points of interest are highlighted in yellow. It allowed her to reach a higher platform by first destroying a wall holding back water, raising the water level then shooting a platform down to prop her up. Everything else was either jumping from platform to platform in an intricately-designed escape set piece, navigating through traps and shooting two guys.

Visually, Rise of the Tomb Raider looks to be part of that group of titles that start to see the Xbox One’s hardware taken advantage of. It will be released on November 10th here in North America, just before the console enters its third full year of existence. You can see it in the character models, added particle effects and the cascading water, while Lara Croft’s hair seems to be a bit too floaty to be real. Perhaps they wanted to show off how much better they’ve improved in that area, but hair doesn’t float around like that! At least we get to see those added details kick in, like Lara tying her hair back after getting it wet. Crystal Dynamics didn’t need to include that, but it’s cool that they did.

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