Blizzard Hiring For New Diablo Game Project


In a move that is sure to bring excitement to late-1990’s/early-2000’s Blizzard Entertainment fans, it appears that Blizzard is not done with the Diablo series. Shack News was poking around Blizzard’s website and stumbled upon a curious job listing. The job title stated “Art Director, Unannounced Project,” with the subtitle of “Diablo.” This would suggest that new content will be coming to the series, in one form or another.

“The ideal candidate possesses inspiring artistic vision, outstanding communications skills, strong leadership experience, and a proven track record of shipping AAA products in an art director role,” the listing states. “Experience modeling and texturing assets for a diverse visual range of environments and a solid grasp of form, color, and light for both 2D and 3D art assets are also essential.

“You must be experienced at mentoring teams, able to work well in an environment of artists who are passionate about making great games, skilled in one or more areas of art creation (illustration, modeling, texturing, animation, or concept art), and well-versed in related tools (Maya, Photoshop, etc.).”

The requirements for the art director of this unknown Diablo project include a minimum of 10 years in creating video game art, with a minimum 5 of those years being a lead artist or art director. Under “pluses,” the listing asks for, “A passion for games with a deep understanding of the Diablo franchise.”

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While it doesn’t seem like Blizzard is ready to make any announcements, nevertheless a prospective new Diablo project carries both hope and despair, depending on who you ask. Should it be another new title in the series (as the listing suggests a major leader/creative type in the project’s art), the hope is that it will play closer to the depth that Diablo II carried. Instead of tying most items to one or two attributes in order to gauge its equipment value, allow for a breadth of upgrade and customization options!

BlizzCon 2015 is scheduled for November 6 and 7, but with a job listing in the middle of August, don’t expect to hear any major Diablo announcements there. We could be waiting for a long time.

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