Avalanche Studios Helping Final Fantasy XV With Airship Tech


Despite the fact that we’ve been told by the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, that Final Fantasy XV will be released before 2017, there’s still a lot of questions centered around how exactly that can be true. A recent interview with Famitsu (translated by Siliconera) only adds to these questions by stating Tabata’s team is now collaborating with Avalanche Studios to work on certain aspects of the action-RPG title.

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Apparently, the flight mechanics that comes with the Just Cause series piqued Tabata’s interest. “We don’t have any knowhow when it comes to that,” Tabata said, “so during this year’s GDC we spoke with them, and they also showed some interest in the technology behind Final Fantasy XV, so the talks continued from there, and now I’ve been given the permission to make it public just today. This is something that barely started out, but it’s something of which both the Final Fantasy XV team and Avalanche Studio team have very high expectations.”

Tabata later states that his goal is to include fully flyable airships in Final Fantasy XV, ones that are full-scale to the environment, although he is not sure if it would be available in time before a physical retail release. He really wants to include it in the game at some point, though, suggesting a digital download after the game goes gold and is released to customers.

GDC 2015 happened in March this year, with Avalanche Studios already working on games like Mad Max and Just Cause 3. Adding The Hunter: Primal and Rumble City, that’s 4 games releasing/released in 2015 that Avalanche Studios has developed for. With that in mind, I don’t see any way that they started development work on Final Fantasy XV, while creating all these games, and add an entire flight system to the game in time for a “pre-2017” Final Fantasy XV release. Who knows; they might get it done just cause.

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