Ori and the Blind Forest Will Get A Definitive Edition This Year


One of the most remarkable stories of game development in 2015 comes from the collaborative effort to make Ori and the Blind Forest. Developed by Moon Studios, work on this beautiful game came from developers, programmers, artists and more as remote contractors from around the world. Despite the excellent finished product that came from years of effort culminated in a truly remarkable fashion, there are some outstanding minor gripes. These aim to be addressed when Microsoft Studios releases an Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition later this year on Xbox One and Windows 10, as reported by Game Informer.

It won’t be a simple repackaging, nor “Game of the Year”-like gathering of the base game plus DLC, as the game’s director, Thomas Mahler, explains.

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“Basically, we wanted to do the Definitive Edition of Ori, because while we made a LOT of people happy, there were some outcries we heard from fans regarding some things and we just want to be known for making the absolute best games for our fans out there. We really went back, added more content, fixed ALL the things people have been asking for (not talking about bugs here, but actual design and content feedback) and we just want to give back and make it the perfect experience for people who loved Ori and those who haven’t gotten to try it yet.”

I hope that those working on the Definitive Edition of Ori and the Blind Forest know the scope of those things to fix. An absolute must-have is a new game plus mode, as after a certain point in the base game right now, you are stuck on the path down towards the end of the game. Or, at the very least, they should offer an ability to chapter or area select. There are so many collectibles to find that can be lost forever, requiring multiple playthroughs for completion.

Also, interesting of note is the new content, areas and possible skills that could be added to Ori and the Blind Forest. As we saw at Summer Games Done Quick, the dev team are really listening in on the speedrun community. Perhaps we will see some advanced means of advancing through the game’s multitude of areas once this light remaster comes out? If it means more secrets like changing Ori’s fur color at random, then we might be in for a real treat.

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