Mighty No 9 was delayed until Q1 2016 just roughly a month before ..."/> Mighty No 9 was delayed until Q1 2016 just roughly a month before ..."/>

Mighty No 9 Delayed Due To Multiplayer Bugs


When there was news that Mighty No 9 was delayed until Q1 2016 just roughly a month before its projected release, there were concerns about why it had happened. Most suspiciously came the fact that Comcept denied the rumored delay before the Red Ash Kickstarter ended, only to confirm the delay after it ended in failure (in no short help due to its mysterious publishing by Fuze Entertainment in its closing days, rendering the Kickstarter as a means of adding stretch goals). Mighty No 9 producer Nick Yu sat down with Engadget to explain its multiplayer functionality was bigger than they expected late, forcing them to delay so late in development.

“The game is pretty much done,” Yu explains. “We were doing bug fixes and we found some bugs in the network system that will affect the multiplayer. It’s not like a ‘showstopper’ bug, but it’ll make players really frustrated. We don’t want that to be the experience for our players, so that’s why we decided to delay and polish the game a little bit more.”

As to why they just can’t release the single player portions of Mighty No 9 to, at least, Kickstarter backers, Yu replied, “When you’re submitting a game to the platforms, there’s a testing, an approval process for PlayStation, Xbox, all that stuff. The way it is, you have to submit the product. If we were to give out the game to backers, they have to choose their platform. Either way, we have to go through that approval process for us to give that to the backers.

“If we were to just give out the single-player, that means we have to make the whole package as a single-player game. Once that’s out, we can no longer say this game is single-player and multi-player, we can only say this is single-player. When that goes to the retailer, you can no longer sell the product as a single-player / multi-player game. Because it’s not, even if you add a patch later on. And the price will just break. Because it’s only single-player.”

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Although I can understand why that’s the reason, it seems like it will be of a huge disservice to Mighty No 9 to delay all possible platform release because of one portion of the game. They could have just released the physical retailer version when the game is complete and produce the Steam/digital distribution version to backers with just the single player campaign materials when it is ready. With the general mismanagement and lack of disclosure when it comes to the backing status of other Comcept projects, people are left asking questions and second-guessing statements. This is a Kickstarter game; the Kickstarter backers need to be kept in the loop first, not learning this through interviews and the media.

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