Gamescom 2015: Final Fantasy XV Trailer Shares Its Story


For all of the great worlds, battle systems, ideologies and characters the shared universe of Final Fantasy brings, the very heart of the series is borne out of its storytelling. Whether the tales being told come from that of medieval times, steampunk mechanization, futuristic technology or from realms that shun such material goods, there’s always a new story to be told. Days before gamescom 2015 is opened to the general public, Square Enix has reintroduced their fans to the story of Final Fantasy XV with a new trailer, showing the humble beginnings starting fifteen years ago.

Playing up the intrigue and mystery angle, this new Final Fantasy XV trailer suggests more than it tells. We see guards donned in armor, yet we see them stopping cars in the middle of an industrious area with loaded rifles. As a kingdom is in strife, King Regis is shown holding his young son (and Final Fantasy XV protagonist) Noctis as he weeps in the rain. Promising he will always be at his son’s side, ominous gigantic creatures loom in the distance. Cutting to a slide stating “The son rises-the dawn of a new king,” responsibility of a kingdom lies in our spikey-haired protagonist, as his cell phone alarm wakes him up in the middle of his bro’ed trip.

The press release says a lot more about the Final Fantasy XV trailer than the trailer did, including the fact that more information about said trailer will be revealed in an upcoming Active Time report on August 5 at 12 PM EDT. You can watch it on Square Enix’s Twitch channel, where hopefully we get something more of substance than in this trailer. You know, perhaps, an actual release date? Even a release window would be nice! Gameplay, even. Heck, anything of substance other than the cheap pull of a father protecting his young child against certain death, complete with a 1st-year college student’s lack of subtlty.

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