Gamescom 2015: FIFA 16 Improvements Include New FUT Draft Mode


EA have unveiled an assortment of new details for FIFA 16.

The first new feature comes in the form of FUT Draft, which is an expansion to the mega-popular Ultimate Team mode. In FUT Draft, you’ll be able to build a temporary team of great players that the game provides for you. Draft mode sessions will only last for a maximum of four games (with a loss meaning that you’re out and must start again), and they’ll cost 15,000 coins, 300 FIFA points, or 1 Draft Token to enter.

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Ultimate Team continues to be a massive focus for the team at EA Sports, and they’ve made a few additional improvements to enhance the experience further. In addition to the bunch of legend cards that were announced exclusively for the Xbox One yesterday, the game will now highlight any rare cards that are in a player’s team before kick-off, ensuring maximum gratification for all the proud owners out there who want to display their rare Messi with pride. Commentary has also been improved specifically for FUT, as Martin Tyler and Alan Smith will converse about player storylines for some of the biggest stars on your team.

Career mode has long been considered an important feature of the FIFA series, but it’s always been missing some key features. FIFA 16 is targeting this with a range of new additions to the mode. Firstly, Career Mode Training will allow you to target the specific attributes of a player via a series of mini-games, in order to mould them into the player that you desire them to be. As is the case for Ultimate Team, Career Mode will also be getting commentary to support ongoing storylines, interesting stats, and more.

Pre-season has been in Career mode for some time now, but this year we’ll be getting the added bonus of pre-season tournaments as well. You’ll be able to take your team on tour to a different continent, and victory will ensure a nice bonus for your transfer budget. There will be many more innovations to Career Mode too, including realistic transfer budgets, friendly subs, and scout reports.

Pre-season tournaments will allow you to take your team on tour to a different continent, and victory will ensure a nice bonus for your transfer budget.

FIFA 15 innovated in a range of ways, but some would say that it took a step backwards in the gameplay department. The team at EA Sports appear to have realized their shortcomings last year, and they’re combating this with “innovation across the board”. Particular attention has been paid to ensure that there’s balance across the field, with upgrades in defence, midfield and attack.

Rounding off the news, there’s more celebration variety this year, including the ability to run over to the cameraman or the sub bench to trigger specific animations. New weather conditions include random variable rain showers and fog effects. There’s over 900 new crowd chants to bring a new sense of immersion to the game, a full Bundesliga presentation package, and there’s even vanishing spray! We were also given a reminder that women will be featured in the game for the first time ever.

As a veteran of FIFA and soccer games in general, I was disappointed in last years entry. I felt that FIFA 15 took a step backwards in terms of gameplay despite innovating in other areas, and I was fearful for the series going forward. This year, I’m excited to hear that EA are targeting those areas that left me so disappointed previously, and all signs are pointing towards a return to form with FIFA 16.

Check out the New Season gamescom trailer for FIFA 16 below.

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