Gamescom 2015: New Windows 10 UI And TV DVR Feature For Xbox One


The highly anticipated new Windows 10 UI for Xbox One is officially launching in November for all users. The announcement was made earlier today during the Xbox conference at gamescom 2015. The new dashboard was revealed back at E3 2015 with a completely new design, focusing on speed and performance. The whole thing looks much cleaner, and also comes with the added bonus of the Cortana personal assistant, in addition to other benefits.

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It’s presumed that Xbox Preview members will get the chance to try out the new design in advance, although nothing has been announced as of yet.

Additionally, DVR functionality has been announced for Over-The-Air TV. The new system appears to be very simple to use, utilizing the built-in OneGuide to allow users to set their recordings as a single episode or an entire series. All of the recordings can be stored on an external drive, and they’ll run in the background without affecting your gameplay.

There’s some other exciting features for DVR functionality too, such as the ability to schedule recordings from a variety of devices including Android, Windows and iOS, and Windows 10 users can use the new streaming feature to view recorded episodes on these devices as well. You can even download these shows to watch offline at a later date.

There’s no official launch date for DVR yet, but it’ll definitely be with us in 2016.

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