Gamescom 2015: Microsoft Showcases Scalebound, 4 Player Coop Announced


Since E3 2014, many people including myself have been wondering what Scalebound wold look like. The answer is finally here in the form of a Gamescom trailer from Xbox and Platinum Games. See the trailer above and roll that beautiful footage.

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Platinum seems to have blended their usual free form fighting style to involve not just the player, but also a companion dragon in Scalebound. Ride into battle on your dragon and fight on the ground while your dragon rampages through enemies. When bigger enemies appear, use your dragon as cover as you get out the proper tools to take the enemy down. Scalebound seems to incorporate some level of strategy as you walk around the dragon and achieve different attack angles on enemies.

You will notice your character has a scaley arm on his right side. It is not Eczema; the protagonist of Scalebound turns himself into a dragon armored character. Use your fantastical sword now to slice even further into him. Then the player goes in for what looks to be a specific kind of kill move from your player.

It all looks a bit fantastical and there are things that definitely point to why this is just preview footage as there is still some polishing to do for this 2016 title.

Lastly on Scalebound, they have now also introduced a four player coop feature. The details surrounding how ingrained the coop will be are currently not all there, but I am sure we will hear more about it as time gets closer to release. Again, this is a 2016 title.

Scalebound did not receive a release date, but it does receive a Holiday 2016 release window for Xbox One.

So what do you all think of Scalebound? Does it pique your interest?

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