Vega Joins The Street Fighter V Roster


Another day, another roster reveal for Street Fighter V. Today, the masked claw man, Vega has been revealed with a bit of a redesign.

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Check out the trailer above for a look at Vega’s new moves and his new look. To be honest, with a little bit more work, we could turn Vega into the prince from Beauty and the Beast. Fun thought: Street Fighter V DLC featuring all the Street Fighter V characters with skins from the Disney princes and princesses from their nation of origin. Thank me later, Sony and Capcom. (Yes, I know Vega is Spanish and the prince is French. Do not ruin this.)

Back on topic, Vega looks pretty awesome as a character in Street Fighter V.  Sporting a much more built physique to accompany his usual assortment of flying, throwing, air grapples, and air combos. He was one of the more difficult characters for me to play with in previous Street Fighter games, but when working well his move set is pretty awesome.

Is Vega the main for any of our readers? What all do you think of the redesign for Street Fighter V?

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