Worms WMD Arriving In Early 2016


Team 17 have announced Worms WMD, which will be coming to PC and Xbox One (first) in early 2016. The game follows the familiar 2D Worms format that we’re all used to, but with a range of additional features, including the ability to commandeer vehicles across the map.

In a lengthy interview with Team 17’s Creative Manager Kevin Carthew, it’s revealed that although vehicles are being added to the game, none of them will be an overpowering element in battle, including tanks. “It fires a barrage of shells, it’s quite hard to concentrate the tank’s fire. There’s an element of skill involved. Sometimes it makes more sense to use one of the game’s existing weapons, so we’re keeping that balance of strategy in the game.”

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Worms will also be able to enter buildings, which will add another element of strategy. This is especially true in online battles, in which Worms will be hidden from view, allowing players to craft unsuspecting moves on their opponents. Graphically, landscape backgrounds will be getting a overhaul, and WMD will also be introducing a redesigned character style.

Most of us have played a Worms game before, so we have a good idea of what to expect when this game arrives next year. 2014’s Worms Battlegrounds, which was the first Worms game on Xbox One, was a solid, fun addition to the series that we know and love.

In additional news, Worms 4 has been announced for mobile devices. It’ll feature shorter length matches and smaller teams to cater for mobile players. It’ll also include single player missions, and online multiplayer capabilities.

Check out the Worms WMD interview with Team 17’s Kevin Carthew below.

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