See First Crackdown Gameplay At Gamescom


Microsoft is really bringing it’s A-game to this year’s Gamescom show, where among other things we’ll see the very first actual gameplay of Crackdown for Xbox One.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirmed that Crackdown will be shown in playable form at next week’s Gamescom show on Twitter:

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Crackdown is one of Xbox One’s biggest upcoming exclusive titles and one of several exclusives we’ll be seeing at Gamescom that weren’t present at E3 such as Scalebound & Quantum Break. All of these titles are not coming out until at least 2016, but hopefully we will get at least some sort of release period for all these games. Microsoft’s Gamescom briefing is Tuesday, August 4th and with Sony not even having a briefing in favor of focusing on Paris Games Week in late October, look for Microsoft to pretty much own this year’s show.

h/t VG24/7

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