Witcher 3 Last Free DLC Is New Game+


Are you a masochist while you play the Witcher 3? Do you feel like fighting the opening boss was just not hard enough for you? Was pouring over the bestiary looking for the right concoction of spells, armor, and potions to beat the boss in a timely manner not enough of a challenge for you? Well, your call for more difficulty in this already ridiculously complex game has been answered.

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Previewing with a post on Facebook today, CD Projekt Red has announced the final free DLC of The Witcher 3 will be a New Game+ mode. If you are not familiar with New Game+ modes, they are essentially a way to replay the game at an even higher difficulty setting than the highest difficult in the main story mode. This adds another element of challenge when going back and replaying the game for those who want to have a more challenging adventure the second time around.

While there is no firm release date on the release of this new mode for the Witcher 3, it will probably be released relatively soon. It took ~2 months to get out the latest huge patch for the Witcher 3 that fixed issues from movement to item libraries, the new game+ mode I would imagine may not take longer than that to implement.

So rejoice video game masochists, your next spat of deaths to conquer has arrived!

Will you be going back to play the New Game+ mode in the Witcher 3? Let us know in the comments.

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