Street Fighter V Beta Under Extended Maintenance


Those who had pre-ordered Street Fighter V were expecting to hop into a special beta for the game starting late last night, billed with the primary purpose to “test the online net code.” It’s clear that Capcom has failed by that measure so far, as the servers have been taken down several times to undergo maintenance in order to fix the current issues. Furthermore, per a recent update from a public relations representative for Capcom, Street Fighter V will be operating under a period of extended maintenance, where play will be unavailable for all users.

The fix for these online net code will seem to take some time, as our representative stated, “We will let you know the date on which the closed beta test will re-open once all problems have been fixed.” This suggests that the Street Fighter V beta may not re-open to the public later today. Capcom, alongside producer Yoshinori Ono, have extended apologies toward players for their lost time trying to get into the servers, promising that the beta will be extended once it comes back live once again.

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It’s a shame that people who pre-ordered Street Fighter V can’t get into the beta, but it emphasizes the importance of what this beta was all about; testing the online net code. Making sure large groups of players can fight, link combos and utilize V-Trigger commands properly in an online setting is important for a fighting game that so relies on its multiplayer experience. As much as you can prepare for something like it, there’s no telling what will happen until large enough of a scale is presented in its test. Better to encounter problems now than on Day 1.

Street Fighter V will be launching in the Spring 2016 release window. We will update you once progress is made in re-introducing the beta.

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