Future Rocket League Updates, Compiled


One of the surprise game of the year candidates so far in 2015 has to be Rocket League. Not only does it take a sport that’s only great in international national team play and make it marvelous year-round, but it does so in a high-octane manner. It’s cars with rocket boosts hitting balls into nets. What’s not to love? As PS4 owners have just one more week to download the title as part of the PlayStation Plus July 2015 offering, the developers at Psyonix are taking to Twitter to answer questions about the future of Rocket League, its intended patches and upcoming DLC facts.

Here are just some of the prominent updates coming to Rocket League in the future, as confirmed by Rocket League developers themselves (with help from the Rocket League site)

1. The next patch will include Win % (as opposed to ratio), Mouse sensitivity for PC, will unlock the Virtuoso achievement and proper item tracking for online games.

2. Quitter punishment for leaving ranked matches may come into effect next patch.

3. 3v3 Team Ranked and Spectator Modes are coming soon, hopefully bringing a legitimate eSports scene to Rocket League

4. Plans to allow a solution to cross-platform party play.

5. Apology items for those affected by Rocket League server downtime.

66 A free map in the style of SARPBC’s Utopia map before DLC comes out.e

7. A paid DLC pack after free stuff, including new cars. 

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Considering that a large chunk of the Rocket League audience comes from those playing for free, I’m glad to see that Psyonix has been prioritizing updates properly. The servers, recently, have been holding strong, making it a lot easier to join a game than it was before. Now is the perfect time to implement bonus content, as well as an opportunity to make a little bit of money from DLC. As long as it keeps adding on to the good thing they have going now, you can’t fault them for it!

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