Xbox One Might Get Mouse and Keyboard Support


Mouse and keyboard support may not be too far off for the Xbox One, as implied by head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. Currently, Xbox One has USB support for keyboards from an update back in February.

This comes in the midst of Windows 10 set to release next week. Xbox One users will be able to stream Xbox One games to PCs running Windows 10, but what about doing the opposite? When asked by a user on Twitter about the reverse process, Spencer noted these functions “aren’t far away”:

However, Spencer re-iterated he likes the idea but there are no concrete plans for it yet as Microsoft was still working on finishing the streaming for Xbox to Windows 10.

Xbox One owners with early versions of Windows 10 were able to try out the streaming last week. The new Microsoft OS will be released next week on July 29.

Spencer has tweeted that Windows 10 integration for Xbox One is on schedule, but gave no specific dates. With Gamescom coming up soon, Microsoft will most likely unveil more details about their plans then.

Source: Twitter

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