The Grand Tournament is Hearthstone’s Next Expansion


Today Blizzard announced Hearthstone’s second expansion, called The Grand Tournament, which will launch sometime in August. The expansion promises to add 132 new cards, a new game board, as well as a Grand Tournament card back. You can see some of the new cards here, as well as vote for what card you want revealed next.

You can view the announcement trailer below, or by clicking here.

The expansion centers around a new minion keyword called “Inspire.” The associated effect is activated when you use your hero power. Included in the 132 new cards are several that cheapen your hero power, or allow you to use it multiple times per turn — something that was previously impossible.

The announcement comes after weeks of speculation that began with the lackluster announcement of hero skins, and then the release of Tavern Brawl. The new inspire mechanic looks like it will shake up the metagame quite a bit, and that is not even taking into account the dozens of other cards that will be included in the expansion.

The Grand Tournament launches sometime in August, but you can pre-purchase Grand Tournament packs next week. They come in bundles of 50 for $49.99 USD.

I still play Hearthstone on a near-daily basis, so purchasing new expansion cards is an easy decision. Do you still actively play Hearthstone? If not, will the new expansion entice you to return?

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